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Simple, stable, and effective

Complete check-in scanning within 1 second; With instant online and offline backup 2 different modes to ensure connectivity is never an issue; Distinct procedural benefits in 3 phases: before, during, and after the event, offering straightforward and intuitive processes; Simple and intuitive training completed in just 5 minutes. Regular stress tests with up to 10,000 participants to ensure system reliability; Guests are not forced to download and register for a specific app.

Comprehensive solution

A complete 1-stop event system service platform; Offering both self-service and attentive service options in 2 different plans to meet your needs; Choose flexibly from 3 types of scanning devices (portable phone, economical CBox, stylish QBox); Guarantee 100% peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Widely applicable

Suitable for various types of meeting check-ins (product launches, anniversary celebrations, supplier conferences, forums, seminars, year-end parties, board meetings, shareholder meetings, and class sign-ins) and event admissions (professional exhibitions, consumer expos, concerts, lecture events, sports meets, fairs, family days, motivational conferences, and competitive events)


Planning and executing a successful event is a highly challenging task, with numerous preparations and communications to manage. Providing guests with a high-quality event experience is especially difficult. We understand your concerns and have spent considerable time continuously developing and improving. The QR Code Event Integration System is designed to assist you in making your event more professional, efficient, and considerate, giving you greater peace of mind.

Functional Modules

Online and On-site Registration

The system allows you to set up a registration page, facilitating the process for guests to pre-register for the event. Guests also have the option of on-site, real-time registration using their own mobile phones. Upon completing the registration process, they will receive a unique entry QR Code.

Manage Registration Data

Effective management of registration data is crucial for pre-event notifications, event check-ins, and post-event follow-up. You can conduct guest reviews and approval through the system.

Exclusive QR Code Sending

With the aid of the system, manual sending errors are avoided, saving you time in preparation and organization. Efficient and exclusive email and SMS dispatches make guests feel valued and keep them informed about the event's updates. A variety of dispatch methods are available, allowing you to choose between email, text message, or even printing QR Codes on physical invitation cards to send to guests.

Event Check-in

Through rapid QR Code scanning, the check-in process is simplified, making your event check-in more efficient and avoiding long lines. The check-in system provides instant information, allowing staff to quickly identify guests and offer them a warm welcome, while also enabling event managers to immediately monitor check-in statuses and attendee numbers.

ID Badge Printing

Preparing badges can be a troublesome task. We can assist you with the pre-event printing of high-quality, eco-friendly badges, and also help with on-site, real-time printing of badges

Exclusive Guest Page

This feature is highly appreciated by customers. The exclusive event page for guests is a very considerate system service. Guests can access relevant event information (e.g., schedule and speaker introductions) and their exclusive information (e.g., table number) through the exclusive event page. It can also be integrated with E-survey forms, handout downloads, and other features, greatly enhancing the guests' event satisfaction experience.

Session Access Control

Effectively controls access and attendance for each session and tracks guest participation in each session. Offers various session control modes, including single-entry recording, credit certification, access management, and count-based models.

Electronic Surveys

Electronic surveys help you to better understand the thoughts and needs of your guests. The integrated system design makes it more convenient for guests to fill out these surveys, eliminating the need to enter details like their name and company name. It can also be combined with a gift redemption button to increase the response rate of the survey.

Electronic Handout Downloads

Deciding how many handouts to prepare for an event can be troublesome. Printing too many wastes resources, and printing too few can lead to complaints. Providing electronic copies of handouts is a more trend-aligned approach. It not only eliminates the hassle of pre-event printing but also meets the expectations and needs of guests, and it's more environmentally friendly. Additionally, offering handouts for electronic download allows you to better understand which topics interest your guests the most.

Computerized Lottery

The computerized lottery is the most effective and popular way to reward guests for their full participation and engagement in all the event's activities.

Ticket Sales and Payment

In addition to offering various types of tickets to meet your diverse needs, the system also assists you with online ticketing and payment processing tasks.

Event Dashboard

The event dashboard provides an at-a-glance, real-time overview of data and the status of various tasks associated with the event.



  • Platform Activation Fee:NTD 20,000NTD 3,000/year (pre-tax)
  • Point Fee: Starting from 4 points per person (NTD 5 per point)
  • Special discounts available for large-scale prepayments
  • Number of List Imports: 500
  • Total Activation Codes: 5
  • Event Session Creation
  • QRCode Email Sending
  • QRCode SMS Sending
  • Check-in Scanning
  • On-site Registration
  • Excludes Electronic Surveys
  • Excludes Guest Exclusive Pages
  • Excludes ID Badge Printing



  • Platform Activation Fee:NTD 40,000NTD 6,000/year (pre-tax)
  • Point Fee: Starting from 4 points per person (NTD 5 per point)
  • Special discounts available for large-scale prepayments
  • Number of List Imports: 1000
  • Total Activation Codes: 10
  • Event Session Creation
  • QRCode Email Sending
  • QRCode SMS Sending
  • Check-in Scanning
  • On-site Registration
  • Electronic Surveys
  • Guest Exclusive Pages
  • ID Badge Printing



  • Platform Activation Fee:NTD 60,000NTD 9,000/year (pre-tax)
  • Point Fee: Starting from 4 points per person (NTD 5 per point)
  • Special discounts available for large-scale prepayments
  • Number of List Imports: 2000
  • Total Activation Codes: 15
  • Event Session Creation
  • QRCode Email Sending
  • QRCode SMS Sending
  • Check-in Scanning
  • On-site Registration
  • Electronic Surveys
  • Guest Exclusive Pages
  • ID Badge Printing



Check-in Efficiency

Avoid check-in congestion and guest waiting, ensuring the best first impression for attendees.

Increase Check-in Rate

Send exclusive check-in QR codes before the event.

Guest Data Reminders

Show real-time guest details, like their company position, to improve interaction at check-in and keep track of check-in rates and attendee counts.

Reducing the Burden on Event Managers

Significantly reducing the workload and stress of event organizers, saving preparation time, and avoiding human errors.

Strict Security

Prevent uninvited or unidentified individuals from intruding.


Eco-conscious paperless electronic check-in, exuding a strong sense of technology.

System Screens

Pre-Event - QR Code Sending Status

During Event - QR Code Scanning Interface

During Event - Check-In Status Screen

Post-Event - Attendance Statistics


When is it usually recommended to send the QR Code? Does the system provide sending templates? Is it possible to set a scheduled time for sending?

A. It's generally recommended to send the QR Code email a week in advance (for event reminder purposes), and the QR Code text message a day before the event (for the convenience of guests quickly presenting the QR Code on the day of the event).

B. The system comes with built-in QR Code email templates, and also offers a feature for saving your edited email content as a template.

C. You can set a scheduled time for sending to capture the optimal notification timing, and immediate dispatch is also available. Additionally, the system provides comprehensive statistics on dispatch status.

Is this suitable for events with only 100 participants?

Yes, indeed! Our clients range from events with just 20-30 people to those exceeding 10,000 attendees! For events with up to 500 people, you can opt for the Basic plan, for events with up to 2000 people, the Advanced plan is suitable, and for events with more than 2000 participants, please use the PRO plan (for plan details, please refer to":

If we already have an existing registration website, can we use your check-in system?

Absolutely! It's possible! Registration and check-in processes can be operated separately. If you already have a company website or other channels for collecting attendee lists, you can choose to continue using your existing registration method. After registration is complete, you can simply import the data into the FunEvent platform via Excel. Of course, you can also try the convenience of handling both registration and check-in directly through FunEvent with our one-stop service!

How can the guest list be input into the system?

The system offers two methods for creating event guest lists: Excel list import and online registration forms. If you already have a complete list of confirmed event attendees, you can easily establish the list through the Excel import feature. If you are in the process of inviting target participants to register, you can use the system to design online registration forms.

How do we handle situations where a guest either doesn't bring their QR Code or hasn't received it?

The system provides a query function, allowing staff to quickly retrieve guest information and complete the check-in process.

Do I have to rent equipment from you?

No, it's not necessary! Your company can use yourown smartphones, tablets, or computers for check-in and inquiry operations. You can also use your company's printers for printing badge labels.

Is it required for guests or staff to download a particular app?

No, there's no need for that! Our system operates through a web-based approach, so neither guests nor staff need to download an additional app. It's a cross-platform design, meaning you can use it on a mobile phone or laptop just by opening a browser. Therefore, it's compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Can I retain the guests' data?

Certainly! All guest data is owned by your company, and Funcode Technology will not utilize these guest details.

What happens if the internet suddenly disconnects in the middle of the event check-in process?

The system is equipped with an offline mode. If the internet suddenly goes down, it automatically switches to offline mode and will upload the offline data once the network is restored. Therefore, even if the internet disconnects in the middle of the check-in process, it won't interrupt the continuation of guest check-in process.

Can the system handle on-site registrations?

Yes, the system provides the functionality to register on-site event attendees.

How do we manage the mobile phones used at the check-in counter? Is it possible to add more phones temporarily if required?

Our system utilizes activation codes for controlling the mobile phones at the check-in counter. Phones can only be operational for check-in purposes if they are activated with the correct code. If there are sufficient activation codes, additional phones can be temporarily employed for check-in processes.

Are there any tutorial videos available for operating the system?

System Operation Tutorial Video:

Addition of Mailing Templates -

Mailing Templates Including Health Declaration -

Event Management -

SMS Management -

Guest List Management -

Deletion of Events -

Exclusive Guest Pages -

Health Statement Forms -

Survey Form Management -

How is the fee calculated? Is there an option for a free trial?

A. Please see the following for information on fee calculation, point calculation, and hardware rental:

B. After registering with the system, you receive 160 free points (worth NT$800). System registration link:


2014 Innovation Research Award

2017 Top 100 Innovative Product Award